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** UPDATE **
COVID-19 Closures

Our Church has resumed services from the sanctuary since 19th July 2020.

We are working hard to ensure that everyone's health is protected and have put in place many safety measures. As a result- these services will look very different to usual:

  • You will be shown to your seat by stewards where you should remain (if possible) for duration of the service.

  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided.

  • Services will be shorter, now lasting around 35/45 minutes.

  • Face-masks are strongly advised and should be worn unless exempt.

  • There will be soft hymn singing in the service alongside soft praise with the praise group.

Please follow all the guidance given by stewards and by Billy at the beginning of each service- it may seem strict but it is for your health and for others around you.

Furthermore, we are operating contact tracing for those that attend our church services. Your details must be given to the stewards at the door, these will be held for 21 days until they are cleared and disposed of. Failure to supply details will prohibit entrance to the service.

*Note that protocol may change over time, this will be communicated as quickly as possible.*


**Annual Christmas Toy Appeal**

This year is very different from any we have experienced before. Because of Covid-19, we will not be able to have our usual collection and distribution of toys to families in need, nor will we be able to give out food vouchers at the rate we have done in the past.

We still realise that there is great hardship being experienced by many households and that the Christmas period presents particular difficulties.

We will not be collecting toys this year but to allow us to continue to help others, we will be asking that you make donations of money to us which we will use to provide Gift Vouchers from a local toy shop so that the children will not go without.

In the past many families received vouchers that could be exchanged in the EuroSpar at the Diamond in Rathcoole for food and electricity and gas. The Food Banks are now covering the food element, so our vouchers this Christmas will cover only electricity and gas.

As we were not able to have our usual Appeal during the spring due to the Lock Down, and as the Mission has been continuing to issue our General Vouchers to the needy throughout the year, our funds have been greatly depleted.

Any contribution you can make would be greatly appreciated. 

Donations should be sent to:                                        

The Superintendent Minister

Newtownabbey Methodist Mission

35a Rathcoole Drive


BT37 9AQ

and marked for TOY APPEAL.

We in Newtownabbey Methodist Mission will be endeavouring, as our predecessors have done for over 120 years, to bring help and the glorious word of the gospel to those who need it.

Please be part of this work.

Please give as generously as you can.

Please pray for us.

Thank You


Our Services

We would love for you to join us!

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Sunday Service

Starting at 11 am


First Sunday of Every Month at 11am



Please see below for details for the vacancy of Finance and Administration Manager (Part Time)

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Upcoming Events

Online Service
Sun, Jun 21
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About Newtownabbey Methodist Mission

The Mission’s motto is ‘A heart for God and a hand to people.’ We are called to serve Christ, and in response to His love and grace be His hands and feet in the Rathcoole Estate and wherever God places us.


Poems for Life's Journey

Thank you to everyone who purchased one of the "Poems to Encourage and Comfort- as a result, we raised £225.10 for church funds. You can still contact Kate if you would like one of these, just mention it in the email!

Kate has written another book entitled "Poem's for Life's Journey". Priced at £2 for A5 and £3 for A4 (an additional charge is added if postage is required). All profits go to Marie Curie.

If you would like to purchase one then please send an email to:

Please see some examples below!

Image by Mitch Mckee

From "Poems for Life's Journey"

The Lighthouse 

The boats at sea are tossed and battered as the storm takes hold,

sailors caught in the eye of the storm battle fierce winds and cold.

Clinging on for their dear lives as the waves throw them around,

danger's all around them and their hearts begin to pound.

Darkness overcomes them and fear is everywhere,

the storm that they are going through is more than they can bear.

Then somewhere in the distance a ray of light shines through,

offering a lifeline to the weary frightened crew.

The light inspires them to fight on as they see a way ahead,

their thoughts are filled with hope replacing their fear and dread.

The fight is tough but gradually more light comes into view,

if they want to anchor safely they know what they must do.

They can't let tiredness overcome or give in to fear,

the growing light encourages them that the harbour is quite near.

They press ahead determined as more rays light up the way,

the lighthouse now is in full view lighting up the bay.

Safe at last on solid ground they offer up a prayer

and thank God for His mercy and His loving care.

They followed the light through the darkest night and we can do this too,

for God will always shine a light to show you a way through.

Image by Zoltan Tasi

From "Poems to Encourage and Comfort"

Angels Everywhere

God sends us angels to stand by our side,

When the darkness consumes us and we just want to hide.

We may meet angels unaware as we journey through this life,

They come and offer comfort in the midst of pain and strife.

Sometimes we cannot see them but their presence fills the room,

They bring a peace beyond all words and take away the gloom.

Angels come in many guises- some in human form

They care for the sick among us in this new world norm.

Some have to leave their family home and their loved ones too,

They don't want to risk their families' health because of the job they do.

Some angels work all through the night to keep the food chain going,

There are those who operate the tills while the queues outside keep growing.

Remember all these angels are sent from God above,

They serve as a reminder of our Father's love.

So if you ever feel dismayed remember this is true,

Seen and unseen everywhere angels watch over you.

Please include your name, address and contact details alongside whether you would like normal (£2) or large (£3) print in your email to Kate.


“I felt my heart strangely warmed. I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone for salvation."

John Wesley


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35a Rathcoole Drive,
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028 9085 2546

35a Rathcoole Drive,
BT37 9AQ
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