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** UPDATE **
COVID-19 Closures 2021


We have reviewed the necessity to book prior to attending church and have come to the decision that you do not need to book before attending. Therefore, please do not call the office to book as there is no need.

We look forward to welcoming you all back! As usual, we will be following all guidelines (such as face-masks and social distancing) but this will be communicated at the start of the service!



Pay It Forward

PAY IT FORWARD in thanks for your vaccine

Many of us have received or will soon receive our free Covid vaccines (cost about £25/€30). It will help us return to a new normal. However, this is not the case for many millions, especially in lower income countries. 

The Methodist Church in Ireland calls upon all Irish Methodists to consider making a ‘thanks offering’ by giving a donation to Irish Methodist World Development & Relief in order to support our global development partners as they combat the effects of Covid on top of poverty and injustice in marginalised communities in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

The phrase “pay it forward” means that when someone does something for you, instead of paying that person back directly, you pass it on to another person instead. Blessing others because we have been blessed.

Visit and give thanks.

Or contact the office at


To the Congregation of the Mission.

An Expression of thanks to Mary Henderson.

Trust everyone is keeping safe and well.

The unexpected global pandemic has had a huge effect upon the physical and financial health of many businesses and families across the world. It has also had a major impact upon Churches and their financial resources.  Even before the Pandemic, concerns were expressed about the funding required to sustain the work of the Mission, especially as many faithful members who supported the work for years have now died. As a result of these changing circumstances a review took place of the pastoral needs within the mission and the resources needed to fund it.

As the outcome of this review, sadly Mary’s position as pastoral assistant came to an end last Thursday, and I would like on your behalf to say a huge thank you to her for the ministry she has had among us. As Superintendent of the Mission for the past 11years, I have been blessed to have had the support of Mary in sharing together in ministry to the needs of the congregation and the community. Her contribution to the life of the mission has been greatly appreciated. I would also like to assure the congregation that an opportunity will be given to express our personal thanks to Mary when the Church is able to meet again physically, and when we can invite her back and express our thanks in a more tangible way. Meanwhile, as we give thanks for Mary’s ministry, we hold her in our prayers and continue to enjoy her friendship as she visits the Mission on occasions.

Yours in Christ,

Billy Davison


To the Congregation of the Mission.

An Expression of thanks to Billy Davison.

Hi Billy,

I want to wish you a blessed retirement. I trust that you will be blessed with many days of good health. I know it will take a while for it to sink in as you have always been so active. I want to express again my sincere thanks for all the support and encouragement given to me in mission.

God blessed us as team over the past 11 years. You were a great colleague to minister alongside. You have always been a faithful preacher of God's word and a compassionate pastor not only within the mission but in the community and beyond. I know that the community groups in which you served spoke very highly of your ministry and valued your support.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Loraine. She has been a tower of strength. Thank you Loraine for your support and encouragement to me. It was so much appreciated. You were both loved in the mission and our lives were so enriched in so many ways. It is now a time of readjustment, engaging perhaps in new activities, catching up with friends and more so spending precious times with family and friends. I have no doubt that your two adorable grandchildren Erin and Olivia will keep you busy (and active).

May you both continue to know God's blessing in you life in days ahead. In my prayers.



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About Newtownabbey Methodist Mission

The Mission’s motto is ‘A heart for God and a hand to people.’ We are called to serve Christ, and in response to His love and grace be His hands and feet in the Rathcoole Estate and wherever God places us.


Poems for Life's Journey

Thank you to everyone who purchased one of the "Poems to Encourage and Comfort- as a result, we raised £225.10 for church funds. You can still contact Kate if you would like one of these, just mention it in the email!

Kate has written another book entitled "Poem's for Life's Journey". Priced at £2 for A5 and £3 for A4 (an additional charge is added if postage is required). All profits go to Marie Curie.

If you would like to purchase one then please send an email to:

Please see some examples below!

Image by Mitch Mckee

From "Poems for Life's Journey"

The Lighthouse 

The boats at sea are tossed and battered as the storm takes hold,

sailors caught in the eye of the storm battle fierce winds and cold.

Clinging on for their dear lives as the waves throw them around,

danger's all around them and their hearts begin to pound.

Darkness overcomes them and fear is everywhere,

the storm that they are going through is more than they can bear.

Then somewhere in the distance a ray of light shines through,

offering a lifeline to the weary frightened crew.

The light inspires them to fight on as they see a way ahead,

their thoughts are filled with hope replacing their fear and dread.

The fight is tough but gradually more light comes into view,

if they want to anchor safely they know what they must do.

They can't let tiredness overcome or give in to fear,

the growing light encourages them that the harbour is quite near.

They press ahead determined as more rays light up the way,

the lighthouse now is in full view lighting up the bay.

Safe at last on solid ground they offer up a prayer

and thank God for His mercy and His loving care.

They followed the light through the darkest night and we can do this too,

for God will always shine a light to show you a way through.

Image by Zoltan Tasi

From "Poems to Encourage and Comfort"

Angels Everywhere

God sends us angels to stand by our side,

When the darkness consumes us and we just want to hide.

We may meet angels unaware as we journey through this life,

They come and offer comfort in the midst of pain and strife.

Sometimes we cannot see them but their presence fills the room,

They bring a peace beyond all words and take away the gloom.

Angels come in many guises- some in human form

They care for the sick among us in this new world norm.

Some have to leave their family home and their loved ones too,

They don't want to risk their families' health because of the job they do.

Some angels work all through the night to keep the food chain going,

There are those who operate the tills while the queues outside keep growing.

Remember all these angels are sent from God above,

They serve as a reminder of our Father's love.

So if you ever feel dismayed remember this is true,

Seen and unseen everywhere angels watch over you.

Please include your name, address and contact details alongside whether you would like normal (£2) or large (£3) print in your email to Kate.


“I felt my heart strangely warmed. I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone for salvation."

John Wesley


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